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Request for registration form either from the School office or click on "Enroll now" to fill up the form.
Request Info
You may login and complete your online application using the credentials emailed to you.
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The New Era School welcomes all Parents looking out for all round development of their kids for admission to our school. Parents who want to apply for a place at our institution must fill up the Admission Application form with the required details. Proof of child’s date of birth is mandatory during the time of application submission along with all other related documents. We request parents to fill up all sections in the form with supporting Documents. No child is guaranteed a place in the school as we have a limited number of seats for each class.

All students applying for a seat will have to undergo a preliminary test followed by an interactive session. Parents are also encouraged to visit the school premises and interact with teachers to be completely aware of the registration process. All admissions to our school will be finally approved by the Admission Committee. The school also has the provision to register online on its website

Academic Standing

Extracurricular Activities

After October 1, you may login and complete your online application using the credentials sent to your email:

  • Online application will be available after Month-Date-Year.
  • Deadline: Month-Date-Year for grades 9—10
  • Deadline: Month-Date-Year for grades 4—8

Contact our Deans of Admissions

For the Foundation Stage contact
For the Prep School please contact
Syed. Khaja Moinuddin, MSc, B.Ed