An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin.

This aphorism, by one of the founding fathers of the United States, certainly describes and gravitates the importance of education in an individual’s life. Education is an essential factor when it comes to living a more proficient life of fulfilment. An educated intellectual is better in various aspects of life compared to an uneducated human. Knowledge is a component that propagates better understanding, perception and ambition in a person’s life. An educated individual is usually far more capable and successful in life. Education also instils specific human values in a person leading to an overall personality enhancement.

In the contemporary world of machines and modernization, it is hard for an uneducated to thrive and achieve in life. Education imparts us with the knowledge that enables better understanding in us toward our rights, duties, conduct and society. It expands our perception of the world, and we become better efficient in fighting and understanding the injustices and corrupt practices of the world. A knowledgeable human would never fall prey to the fake ideologies and scams and would always avoid any violence. Education also generates a will to for exploration and discovery, hence promoting development in the world.

Impact of education on society

Education results in a more emancipated and woke community, free from dangerous and faulty ideologies. It cannot be denied that corrupt doctrines in society translate to atrocities. Education is the component that safeguards society from the various degradable antics. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that education acts as the backbone of the organisation, and is primarily responsible for its development and prosperity.

Various sectors have flourished under the influence of education. Some of those influences are as follows:

1) Endorsement of a more peaceful society:- 

Violence is never an option, and education dramatically helps in promoting such an ideology among the masses. An educated society is much less prone to crimes, terrorism, wars and fights. The countries with a better literacy rate are the ones that are usually peaceful and super-developed. Education is responsible for providing optimum security to the people in a society. Law and order of such an organisation are of supreme order that further ensures a peaceful atmosphere.

2) Eradication of poverty:- 

A well-educated and knowledgeable individual is abler when it comes to maintaining a better livelihood. Education promotes the development of specific skills of an individual that aids him/her in securing suitable means of livelihood. The productivity of the overall society is marginally improved with the advent of knowledge.

3) Empowerment and enlistment of the society:- 

A society that is well equipped with learning aids, is free of caste discrimination, racism, degradation and sexism. The women in a well-educated society are always successful and empowered. Even the weaker sections of such a society are non-existent. Knowledge leads to equality in a community and hence proves it’s competence and excellence. 

4) Flourishing Commerce and better communications:- 

Standard of life is improved when a society contemplates better growth numbers. This is only possible in an excelling literary community. Better trade and commerce relations can be built, and better returns are achieved.

Even the communicative quality of such a knowledgeable ecosystem is a notch higher than the rest. Communication is also an essential factor of development, and a well-educated society can deliver better results through their excellent communication systems and protocols.

Education in various phases of life

From the elementary level to the professional level, the education scenario is of multiple forms. Students and scholars should understand it’s importance at every level and aim at getting the maximum benefits of such. It is popularly believed that a little knowledge or partial knowledge is a dangerous thing. A person who lives in an illusion of experience can prove hazardous to society. Therefore, the educational procedure at every phase should be manoeuvred.

Children who are under the constant influence of high-quality education are generally better at achieving in life. They are able to make better goals and are more successful in the race of life. They acquire a dynamic personality that is full of gratitude and respect towards all kinds of lifeforms and cultures. A healthy and liberal mindset that promotes the development of all is encouraged, which leads to a happier and better-established society.

While the most celebrated educator in human’s life is experienced, the knowledge from books and schools are no less significant. The training that we receive in the schools or college is the building aspect that shapes us to a better tomorrow. The preparedness to face every obstacle with demeanour and wisdom comes due to education itself. Therefore, along with the four basic needs for an individual’s survival, education should also be given a prominent place.